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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing



or this…

or this one?


Salam Jepret!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

I found the wooden bench under a big tree on my way to a remote village nearby, no one sit on it anymore, since it’s worn and decayed…

A worn helm with my reflection on it. It’s fun! coz the reflection such a fish eye lens result! πŸ˜€

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

Yiiaaayyy! Morning is easy theme of weekly photo challenge this week! Let’s see morning view in the places I had ever been…

Β Morning in Bogor, West Java (Salak Mountain as background)


Morning in Bondowoso, East Java


Morning in Pelaihari, South Kalimantan


Morning in Tabanio/Takisung, South Kalimantan


Morning in Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta


Morning in Bandar, Brunei


Morning in Apopka, Florida


Morning in Huntersville, North Carolina


Morning in New York City, NY





That’s all!

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PS: Ternyata sebelum kenal Om NH, aku juga bisa gaya sedakep! *ngeles padahal aslinya kedinginan πŸ˜›

Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

Yeah, it’s quite late already… Sorry 😦

Last week theme is NUMBERS

Ross, my friend from Zimbabwe gave me about two years ago as a gift. He said this bill was not more than an US dollar!Β  πŸ˜† In Zimbabwe they started change the currency, the better one with smaller digits, it means this currency should not used or valid anymore. cmiiw.

Let’s count how many zeros appear there? πŸ˜†

Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

Splashing water

a souvenir from rainy day…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

Almost forget that I participate this challenge since I have been so busy recently. But I won’t miss one of them, I promise, thus at least I will have a post in a week, πŸ˜†

TINY.. What tiny things have you ever seen? How could you say that one is tiny? This one is a bit tiny, that one is tinier, or tiniest… It’s just relative I think…

A little bright green moth landed on my paper that evening. You can compare its size with the text size. I believe that was considered as tiny, but wait, everything can be tiny if you compare with something more-more bigger that itself.


For example…

Can we say a human is a tiny one under the gigantic trees? I took this picture in Dramaga Forest, near from Situ Gede in Bogor. I found a lot of a big trees there, and I surely believe there are bigger ones out there, yeah somewhere I don’t know.


And something NOT tiny can be tiny, if they are made as mini version or toys…

An old plastic (tiny) car trapped on roof! A kid might throw that toy car to the roof and couldn’t take it back. The picture taken on a roof of abandoned house in a village. Quite scary I remember… πŸ˜€Β  OK, that’s all.

Salam Jepret!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

Since I have been so busy this week, I just simply ended up this week challenge RED by choosing one of my collection which I think would be good for this theme. Unfortunately, I found one photo only. Let’s check!

Lampion, It’s called here. Chinese paper lantern which is so popular in Chinese culture until now. Commonly appear in Chinese temple either as a real lantern or an ornament. As ornament, this lantern for some reasons, mostly is made from red paper, and If you ever visit Chinese temple like above you obviously can see that red is the major color cover up many part of the building, walls, sculptures even incense sticks. I heard Red means luck or fortune for Chinese, cmiiw.

I took this photo in a Chinese temple I visited in downtown of Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. I am not sure, but it was around Chinese New Year 2010, and they made such a “red festivity” all around temple. I have never seen so many hanging lantern filled up the temple sky like that before. Nice decoration, isn’t it?


Wait, to make sure that red is really common color for the lantern, let me play the photo color a little bit.

I believe, for you who are familiar with the lantern, you can guess the color of the lanterns even though I made it in monotone like above. It’s always red in your mind, am I right? πŸ˜€


Another one. Just for fun, If you want something different, try to reduce the saturation all colors but red, orange and yellow. It’s going to be like photo below! Cool! πŸ˜€

Well, I am (still) using Adobe Lightroom 3.3 for editing, if you wondering.

Happy Blogging!