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Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

Almost forget that I participate this challenge since I have been so busy recently. But I won’t miss one of them, I promise, thus at least I will have a post in a week, 😆

TINY.. What tiny things have you ever seen? How could you say that one is tiny? This one is a bit tiny, that one is tinier, or tiniest… It’s just relative I think…

A little bright green moth landed on my paper that evening. You can compare its size with the text size. I believe that was considered as tiny, but wait, everything can be tiny if you compare with something more-more bigger that itself.


For example…

Can we say a human is a tiny one under the gigantic trees? I took this picture in Dramaga Forest, near from Situ Gede in Bogor. I found a lot of a big trees there, and I surely believe there are bigger ones out there, yeah somewhere I don’t know.


And something NOT tiny can be tiny, if they are made as mini version or toys…

An old plastic (tiny) car trapped on roof! A kid might throw that toy car to the roof and couldn’t take it back. The picture taken on a roof of abandoned house in a village. Quite scary I remember… 😀  OK, that’s all.

Salam Jepret!