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Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

Since I have been so busy this week, I just simply ended up this week challenge RED by choosing one of my collection which I think would be good for this theme. Unfortunately, I found one photo only. Let’s check!

Lampion, It’s called here. Chinese paper lantern which is so popular in Chinese culture until now. Commonly appear in Chinese temple either as a real lantern or an ornament. As ornament, this lantern for some reasons, mostly is made from red paper, and If you ever visit Chinese temple like above you obviously can see that red is the major color cover up many part of the building, walls, sculptures even incense sticks. I heard Red means luck or fortune for Chinese, cmiiw.

I took this photo in a Chinese temple I visited in downtown of Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. I am not sure, but it was around Chinese New Year 2010, and they made such a “red festivity” all around temple. I have never seen so many hanging lantern filled up the temple sky like that before. Nice decoration, isn’t it?


Wait, to make sure that red is really common color for the lantern, let me play the photo color a little bit.

I believe, for you who are familiar with the lantern, you can guess the color of the lanterns even though I made it in monotone like above. It’s always red in your mind, am I right? 😀


Another one. Just for fun, If you want something different, try to reduce the saturation all colors but red, orange and yellow. It’s going to be like photo below! Cool! 😀

Well, I am (still) using Adobe Lightroom 3.3 for editing, if you wondering.

Happy Blogging!