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Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Theme for this week photo challenge is ONE!

Slightly difficult to choose which is the best picture for this theme, hmm, but I am really into these pictures, check them out!

One tower. or just a pole? I believe it’s not a lighthouse! 😆 I captured this one when I was visiting Takisung, a beach nearby. Every time I saw it, I supposed it would always intrigue me that the tower was built for any reason that I really don’t know. 🙄

One Duck among Chickens. Hey, what a confident duck,wasn’t it? The chicken group was friendly as well. I thought the duck would keep apart from the chickens or got expelled instead. Otherwise, they shared the meal peacefully in difference, Nice moral!

Happy Blogging!

PS: Maaf belum bisa BW ke rumah teman-teman, saya sibuk banget akhir-akhir ini… hiks…